ManyMaps brings us closer to you.

On 1 March 1993 the firm of Atlas & Zanzibar opened a small but very distinctive travel bookshop on the Kortrijksesteenweg in the Belgian town of Ghent. A good idea? Well it would certainly seem so, as since that time lots of people have made their way to our door. But that’s not happened automatically. Building up a representative selection of good-quality travel books isn’t something that can be done overnight. We also attach great importance to the advisory side of our work – researching and selecting the very best maps in each category – as well as to ensuring a rapid turnaround of orders. We think these features are essential if we’re to build up and maintain a solid reputation. Building that reputation is our ever-present concern, and we do it not just by listening to our many contacts outside of Belgium but also through the many useful tips we get from our customers.

Via the ManyMaps website we hope to meet the needs of the outdoor activities enthusiast and traveller even more fully. Soon you’ll be able to use this site to order online most of the products that are available in our shop.