Hieronder vindt u de lijst van de wandel- en klimgidsen, die we van Frankrijk in het Engels beschikbaar hebben.

De hieronder opgegeven prijzen zijn inclusief BTW.
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Around Mont Blanc

Around Mont Blanc

Via the footpaths

The Tour of Mont Blanc is one of the most famous treks in the Western Alps and is a unique way of admiring the spectacular peaks and glaciers that poplulate this region.

This easy-to-use guidebook describes the well-known six-day classic tour done by most trekkers but also gives details of the expanded eleven-day tour as well as several 'alpine' variations that can be integrated into either of the two main circuits.

Each stage is illustrated by numerous full-colour photographs and a clear and detailed map of the route.

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Chamonic Mountain Adventures

Chamonix Mountain Adventures | Cicerone
This is a comprehensive guidebook to the many outdoor activities available in the mountains surrounding Chamonix in the French Alps. Routes include walking, mountain biking, road cycling, via ferratas, rock climbing and mountaineering. There is something for everyone, from families to veteran mountain adventurers.

The Chamonix valley in the Haute Savoie region of the French Alps is a perfect base for a whole range of alpine adventures. The routes in this guide range from short walks and cycle rides for the whole family to long mountaineering routes to the highest summits, including Mont Blanc.

Activities covered in detail include walks, treks, mountaineering routes, road cycling, MTBing, rock climbing, bouldering and via ferratas, all within easy reach of Chamonix – with suggestions for other outdoor options in the valley, too, from rafting to paragliding.

Whether you and your holiday companions are adrenalin junkies or Alpine ramblers, or a mixture of both, there’s plenty to keep everyone happy, day after day, in this spectacular region.

  • 6 sections, with basic information gear, terrain, technique and access for each activity and a range of contrasting routes, illustrated with maps or topos as necessary
  • notes about activities such as rafting, canyoning, paragliding and trail running and things to do when it rains
  • clear overview maps to help you choose and plan your days
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Corsica GR20 Cicerone

GR20 Corsica - ed. 2016

Corsica's GR20 is one of Europe's greatest adventure treks, and has a reputation for being the toughest of the GR routes. The GR20 negotiates magnificent mountain terrain as it follows Corsica's rocky central spine along the length of the island. While some sections of the route are on walking trails, others are on bare rock and involve some quite exposed scrambling.

The GR20 is more than just a walk: it's an experience. Enjoy it to the full!

. Background information on how to get there, what to take and full details of facilities along the way.

. Full route description, including high- and low-level alternative routes, links with nearby villages and

mountains ascents.

. Sketch maps, route profiles and colour photographs.


Pages: 236
Format: 12 cm x 17,5 cm


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Ecrins Massif Mountaineering

Klimgids Mountaineering in the Ecrins Massif

Klimgids van het Ecrinsmassief. De meeste routes zijn gematigd moeilijk en dus binnen het bereik van een grote groep Alpinisten.

Mountaineering in the Ecrins Massif showcases the Ecrins' most beautiful summits through a selection of the area's best lower grade snow, rock and mixed climbs.

Authors Frederic Chevaillot, Paul Grobel and Jean-Rene Minelli have chosen 25 classic Ecrins routes - graded between F and AD - that have come to be regarded as classics due to their quality, their altitude or, simply, their easy access.

These routes provide the essential pleasures of mountaineering: getting off the beaten track, enjoying the pure mountain air and delighting in the charms of the high mountains. Most of these routes are at the boundary between hiking and technical alpinism and should be within the capabilities of any fit hiker-mountaineer.

Routes and peaks featured include: the Aiguille du Goleon; the north ridge of the Aiguille Dibona; the south ridge of Pic Coolidge; the north-east face of the Meije Orientale; and the traverse of the Barre des Ecrins ridge, plus many more.

Each route features a detailed and comprehensive route description, a sketch map and a route summary detailing the start point, difficulty, timings, height gain, best time of year and the gear required. A conscious decision was made to limit the selection to relatively easy climbs, and so the routes described in this book - a mere fraction of the climbs in the magnificent Ecrins Massif - should be within the capabilities of almost all mountaineers.

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Fontainebleau Climbs

Fontainebleau Climbs

The Finest Bouldering and Circuits

This is the English language edition of the most popular French guidebook to the best boulder groups in the celebrated Fontainebleau climbing area, 50km south of Paris. It is the 2nd edition, with routes and maps updated and revised.

The forest of Fontainebleau is a world famous and unique bouldering venue - the sandstone boulders lying scattered over an area of some 1,200 square kilometres, in a unique setting, a wilderness of silver birch, pine trees, beech and oak. This revised guidebook is ideal for all climbers, from beginners to experts - something for everyone. With descriptions of the sites, their circuits and grades, accommodation, child-friendly areas, where to go after rain or in hot weather, this easy to use guide is full of useful and practical advice.

To climb circuits at your grade, simply choose a colour that suits your climbing ability: from yellow for beginners to white or black for strong climbers. If you want to climb and bring your children, symbols show the sites best suited for you and your family. Easy to read full-colour maps show the starting point, layout and boulders of interest for each circuit. There are over 100 maps, just under 100 circuits and more than 3,000 routes, together with stories and anecdotes on the history of Fontainebleau climbing.

Jacky Godoffe has been climbing at Fontainebleau for over 30 years. A professional climber with an international reputation, he is a sports teacher and technical advisor to France's national mountaineering and climbing federation.

Jo and Francoise Montchausse were born and live in the heart of the Fontainebleau forest. It was here that they first discovered climbing and have made it their way of life. It remains a source of inspiration for both of them, for their photography and for their products they design specially for bouldering.

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Maurienne Mountain Adventures

This guide offers readers all the inspiration they need for a multi-activity holiday in the Haute Maurienne, in the French Alps. With many suggestions for day walks, mountaineering routes, via ferratas, rock climbs, mountain biking, road cycling and long-distance treks, there's something here for everyone in your party.
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Mont Blanc 4808m JM Editions

Mont Blanc 4808m
5 Routes to the summit

This book helps you to better understand the mountain and to choose among the five classic routes. These include the ordinary route through the Aiguille du Gouter, the Aiguille du Midi traverse, the historical route through the Grands Mulets, the normal Italian route and the Miage - Bionnassay - Mont Blanc traverse.

Who has never dreamt of climbing Mont Blanc?

Thousands of people try the ascent to the top of Europe each year.

François Damilano, a highly experienced mountain guide based in Chamonix, shows you ways to this wonderful summit in all its alpine splendour.

This book helps you to better understand the mountain and to chose among the 5 classic routes

the one that suits you best.

These include:

- The ordinary route through the AiguiIle du Goûter
- The Aiguille du Midi traverse

- The historical route through the Grands Mulets
- The normal Italian route

- The Miage - Bionnassay - Mont Blanc traverse


Pages: 160
Format: 12,5 cm x 17,5 cm
Language: English

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Mont Blanc Classic & Plaisir

Mont Blanc: Classic & Plaisir
A new guide to the Mont Blanc Massif decribing 67 routes, rock, ice and mixed, in the middle grades (up to F6a). The guide is fully illustrated throughout with both full colour photo-topos and excellent hand-drawn topos, it is packed with great action shots and has a good selection of approach and over-view maps.
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Mont Blanc Finest Routes

Mont Blanc: The Finest Routes [Hardcover]

Philippe Batoux , Paul Henderson
Mont Blanc - The Finest Routes is a collection of the 100 must-do climbing routes in the Mont Blanc Massif. Modern alpinism is a multi-faceted activity for which the Mont Blanc Massif is the perfect playground. Classic routes to which every mountaineer can aspire are surrounded by the towering rock faces, huge mixed walls, precipitous ice shields, serrated ridges and narrow gullies that define the massif's harder climbs. In order to attain these prestigious summits via the most interesting itineraries, this book presents a modern selection of 100 must-do routes, ranging from historic classics to more recent lines, described in order of increasing difficulty. Author and mountain guide Philippe Batoux provides a comprehensive account of each route, outlining its history and atmosphere and giving all the technical information needed to climb it. These written descriptions are complemented by photo diagrams and detailed topos. In addition, every route is illustrated with superbly evocative photos that make best use of the book's large format. The routes were chosen for the quality of the rock, the reliability of the in-situ gear, the beauty of the surroundings, the prestige of the summit and the enthusiasm the route inspires. Preference has been given to routes in the modern idiom, whether they are gullies that only form in winter, difficult free climbs on high-altitude cliffs, long ridge scrambles or traverses of major summits. There are routes here for all tastes, from famous classics such as the Cosmiques Ridge on the Aiguille du Midi, the American Direct on the Petit Dru, the Whymper Couloir on the Aiguille Verte, the Walker Spur on the Grandes Jorasses and the Kuffner Ridge on Mont Maudit to more recent gems such as Je t'ai conquis, Je t'adore on Pointe Lepiney, No Siesta on the Grandes Jorasses and Le Vent du Dragon on the Aiguille du Midi.

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Mont Blanc super Cracks

Mont Blanc Supercracks
A fantastic new guide to some of Mont Blanc's most famous crack climbs. The guide covers Mont Blanc du Tacul, the aiguilles de Chamonix, the Midi and the Plan des Aiguilles, the Envers des Aiguilles, the mer de Glace are plus much more.
The guide is in full colour with easy to follow topos and route descriptions as well as approach information - English language.
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Mont Blanc Tour Cicerone

Tour of Mont Blanc

Complete two-way trekking guide

Book published by Cicerone Press

An essential guidebook for anyone walking the Tour of Mont Blanc. The 170km circuit typically takes 11 days to walk around the Mont Blanc massif. The TMB is recognised as one of the world's classic treks. The book describes both anti-clockwise and clockwise directions, with variants and information about huts, refuges and facilities en route.
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Mont Blanc Walks

Mont Blanc Walks wandelgids - Cicerone

A guide to walking and trekking routes, on both the French and Italian sides of Mont Blanc (Monte Bianco), from Chamonix or Courmayeur. Includes 50 day walks and 4 short multi-day treks for Vallorcine to Plaine Joux, Tour des Aiguilles Rouges, Vallorcine to Servoz and a circuit of the Italian Val Ferret. New, updated edition with 50 new route maps.

Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Western Europe, and its equally spectacular neighbours create a sublime landscape of glaciers, high snowy summits, flower-decked slopes and rocky trails that will satisfy any hiker.

Written by an expert trekking guide, this book brings together the very best walking in the Mont Blanc region. Routes are selected both from the French side around Chamonix and the Italian side around Courmayeur.
• 50 outstanding walks and 4 multi-day treks
• updated new edition featuring larger scale maps
• lots of information about the region, including hut etiquette, local transport and activities for rainy days

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Mont-Blanc Finest Walks Rother

Mont-Blanc Finest Valley & Mountain walks

Mont Blanc, the monarch of the "white giants" - it has always inspired the imaginations of mountain devotees from near and far. Images effervesce in the minds of Alpinists like soap bubbles: a good dozen ice-encompassed, cornice-crowned, four-thousand-metre summits, surrounded by a wild maze of toast-coloured, vertical towers of granite, and between them, rivers of ice, shrivelled and split in crazy shapes. However, if you think the highest mountain range in Europe is only a refuge for extreme climbers and hard-boiled mountain climbers, you are mistaken; especially hikers can find a variety of breathtaking trails and mountain paths in the valley and mountain pasture area all around the "Chief" of the Alps.
The competent area expert, Hartmut Eberlein, presents in this revised edition of his hiking guide "Mont Blanc", 49 carefully-selected tours which are almost exclusively tailored to the pleasure-oriented mountain hiker. Some of the tours lead close to cliffs and ice, and many naturally touch on the summits, which are worth the trip, but none exceed the 3000-metre mark. In addition, Hartmut Eberlein describes the popular "Tour du Mont Blanc": 17 stages, which can also be walked by novice hikers.
A tour description, coloured hiking maps to a scale of 1:50 000 with the course of the route illustrated, a brief, thorough description of the trail and a colour photo for each of the 50 recommended tours aid the hiker in the planning as well as the execution of his or her excursion. Several tips and pieces of information enhance this entirely successful hiking guide to make it a valuable companion through the fascinating mountain world all around Mont Blanc.

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Pyrenean Haute Route

The Pyrenean Haute Route
This handy guidebook contains route descriptions for the Pyrenean Haute Route. It zig-zags across the Franco-Spanish border and stays close to the main ridge of the Pyrenees. It covers 800km and has a total of 40km ascent, so is only suitable for experienced mountain walkers. The route is split over 45 day stages and is largely unwaymarked.
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Pyrenees Mountaineering

Mountaineering in the Pyrenees

25 Classic Mountain Routes

Mountaineering in the Pyrenees features 25 classic mountain routes and link-ups - many of them accessible from spring to autumn - along the entire Pyrenean chain. Featured peaks include Pic des Posets, Monte Perdido, the Vignemale and more. Each route features technical notes, a topo and route description, and photos illustrating the climbing.
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Pyrenees Walks & Climbs

Walks and Climbs in the Pyrenees

Walks, Climbs and Multi-day Treks

Guidebook describing 170 routes for walks, climbs and multi-day treks on both sides of the Pyrenees, including a circuit of Andorra's Frontier Peaks. The 3000m summits are within reach of any hill walker and offer a variety of terrain. The day walks range from 30 minutes to 9 hours and the multi-day walks from 2 to 12 days.
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Way of St. James - From Le Puy to the Pyrenees

The Way of St. James
From Le Puy to the Pyrenees

Dit boek beschrijft een deel van de pelgrimsroute naar Santiago de Compostela. Het omvat het 740 kilometer lange Franse gedeelte van Le Puy en Velay in centraal Frankrijk  naar Roncevalles in de Spaanse Pyreneeën. Het volgt grotendeels het GR65 langeafstandspad naar Jean-Pied-de Port.

Het boek bevat duidelijke routebeschrijvingen, talrijke kleurenfoto’s en kaarten evenals heel wat praktische informatie en historische achtergronden.

Aantal blz.: 192
Formaat: 11,5 cm x 17 cm

Illustraties: talrijke kleurenfoto’s en kaarten

Taal: Engels