Wegenkaarten van Marokko.

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Marokko ANWB (1:800.000)

ANWB Wegenkaart Marokko - 1:800.000
Wegenkaart met plaatsnamenregister.

ANWB Wegenkaart geeft duidelijk alle plaatsen, wegen, afslagen en wegnummers weer. Een ideale kaart voor de autovakantie.

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Marokko Reise Know How (1:1.000.000)

Landkaart - wegenkaart Marokko ( GPS - geschikt)| Reise Know How
Tweetalige kaart (Engels en Duits)van Marokko. Door ingetekende lengte- en breedtegraden is het gebruik van GPS mogelijk. Met hoogtelijnen. Gedrukt op water- en scheurvast papier!

Ausstattung: Format: ca. 70x100 cm, 2-seitig, Material: PolyArt (reiß- und wasserfest, beschreibbar), Umschlag aus Pappe (Karte kann herausgenommen und ohne Umschlag benutzt werden)

Diese Landkarte erscheint in der Landkartenserie world mapping project™ bei Reise Know-How. Kennzeichnend ist die hochwertige, klare und moderne kartografische Darstellung.

– Höhenlinien mit Höhenangaben
– Farbige Höhenschichten
– Klassifiziertes Straßennetz mit Entfernungsangaben
– Sehenswürdigkeiten
– Ausführlicher Ortsindex

– GPS-Tauglichkeit durch Längen- und Breitengrade

– Viersprachige Legende (Deutsch, Englisch, Franz., Spanisch)

– Einklinker Westsahara
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Michelin Marocco (1:1.000.000)

Wegenkaart - Landkaart - Autokaart 742 Maroc - Marokko | Michelin 742 ed 2012
Kaart van beroemde kaartenmakers en voor Marokko weer een hele goede. Uitermate goed leesbaar, prettig kleurgebruik. Onder Marokko-gangers staat deze kaart zeer goed bekend.

Morocco at 1:1,000,000 on a road map from Michelin, with enlargements showing in greater detail four of the country’s most visited areas, including the High Atlas around Marrakesh and Jbel Toubkal, plus an additional map of the whole country with Western Sahara.

Morocco itself is covered at 1:1,000,000 with detailed classification of the road network characteristic of Michelin’s road maps: width, surface, usability in bad weather, difficult or dangerous sections, gradients, seasonal closures due to snow, entry restrictions, load and height limits, etc. The map also indicates locations with fuel supplies and vehicle repair facilities. Scenic routes and viewpoints are prominently highlighted. Railway lines are included and ferry connections with Spain and Gibraltar are marked.

Towns or villages and other sights worth visiting are highlighted. The map also indicates which locations have tourist accommodation. Symbols mark locations of other places of interest including historical, cultural and religious sites, industrial location such as mineral mines or the oil/gas pipelines, etc.

Topography is very effectively presented by relief shading with plenty of names of mountain ranges, peaks, etc. Surprisingly, the map has no geographical coordinates and is not indexed. Map legend includes English.

Enlargements at 1:600,000 show in greater detail the High Atlas between Marrakesh and Ouarzazate, the Middle Atlas range, the coastal area between Rabat and Casablanca, plus The Rif mountains with Fès and Meknès. Another large inset covers Morocco with Western Sahara at 1:4,000,000 with less detailed presentation of the road network. Also provided is a glossary of Berber terns used on the map, plus climate information for selected locations.
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Morocco Insight Travel map (1/800.000)

Insight Travel Map: Morocco
 travel map to Morocco. It includes city plans of Marrakesh, Agadir, Casablanca and Rabat in various scales. It also provides a detailed picture of the topography through the use of relief shading.
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Morocco ITM (1/1.170.000)

Casablanca, Marrakech, Rabat, Salé, Tangier
Een degelijke kaart met aanduidingen van o.a. nationale parken, vliegveld, benzinepomp, dirt-roads. Als overzichtskaart goed te gebruiken. One of the most stable and attractive Arabic countries for visitors is Morocco. The sea crossing from Spain is short, and travel facilities for visitors arriving by air are modern. We have updated our map to show the latest road improvements and have prepared insets of Casablanca, Marrakesh, Rabat/Sale, and Tangier. We have visited Morocco three times in recent years and have always found the people to be hospitable, the accommodations satisfactory, the food excellent, and the scenery superlative. We have printed the map on durable ITM plastic paper. Legend Includes: Roads by classification, airports, ferry Routes, bus stations, train stations, parks, points of interest, post offices, hospitals, border crossings, churches, mosques, oases, golf courses, embassies, banks, restaurants, schools, parking, museums, cinemas, accommodations, beaches, lighthouses, hot springs, mining, ruins, forts, caves, world heritage sites,libraries,gas stations,campsites police stations and more.
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Morocco NGS map (1/1 mio)

Morocco (Adventure Travel Map) by National Geographic

National Geographic's Morocco AdventureMap is designed to meet the unique needs of adventure travelers detailed, durable, and accurate. Morocco includes the locations of thousands of cities and towns with an index for easily locating them, plus a clearly marked road network complete with distances and designations for motorways, dual carriageways, major roadways, and more.

Transportation within and beyond the country is made easier with the location of airports, airfields, railroads, ferry routes, river crossings, lighthouses, harbors, border crossings, and petrol stations. What sets National Geographic AdventureMaps apart from traditional road maps are the hundreds of points of interest that highlight the diverse, unique, and exotic destinations within Morocco. In addition to typical sites of interest such as World Heritage sites, national parks, zoos, mosques, churches, and archeological sites, this map includes Morocco s many casbahs, and marabouts, making it invaluable to travelers hoping to experience the country s rich history and culture. Beaches, yachting harbors, and areas popular for fishing and surfing dot Morocco s extensive Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines. Other recreational destinations such as ski resorts, golf courses, spas, caves, and oases are included as well.

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Northern Morocco & Marrakesh ITM (1/1.400.000)

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Route des Mille Casbahs (1/400.000)

Route des Milles Casbahs 1:400.000 - Editorial Piolet Kasbahs wegenkaart Marokko
Wegenkaart Zuid Marokko, het gebied Errachidia, Ouarzazate, Zagora e.o. schaal 1:400.000 met toeristische informatie over de kasbahs of qassabahs (medinas) op de achterzijde van de kaart (franstalig)

Route des Milles Casbahs Carte Culturelle du sud du Maroc is een gedetailleerde toeristenkaart 1:400.000 langs de Qassabahs in het zuiden van Marokko