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Great Railway Journeys Europe

Great Railway Journeys of Europe (Insight Guides)
This full-color guide inspires travelers to sample a range of different railway experiences – slick, high tech lines between major European cities, classic journeys such as the Orient Express, and quaint narrow gauge railways chugging through green valleys and over dizzying mountain passes. There are also features on the history and growth of rail travel, railway hotels, feats of engineering, the Channel Tunnel, and much m
De Insight Guide is niet alleen een treinreisgids over Europa, het is tevens een leuk boek om in weg te dromen en is ook voor thuisblijvers interessante lectuur. Uitvoerige achtergrondverhalen, rijk geillustreerd met sublieme foto's, informatie over accommodatie, restaurants, reisbenodigdheden, toeristische tips, uitgaan, sport, nuttige adressen en talloze andere wetenswaardigheden. De Insight Guide is hierdoor niet alleen een bron van informatie en inspiratie, maar ook een bijzonder praktische reisgids.
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Great Railway Maps

Great Railway Maps of the World - Mark Ovenden

Mooi vormgegeven boek over de geschiedenis van spoorwegkaarten, aan d ehand van bijzondere treinreizen

A unique, beautifully illustrated and comprehensive history of the world's greatest railway maps, and the railways behind them
The irresistible follow-up to the cult favorite, Metro Maps of the World, Mark Ovenden's new book is an extraordinary compendium of historical and contemporary railway maps and posters from every corner of the world. The history of the railway is the history of Britain -and France, and America, and Japan, and Russia, among many others. Featuring hundreds of images, covering two centuries of advertising,surveyors' maps, route guides, travel posters, photos, and Google Earth maps, this is a book brimming with history, anecdotes, facts, and data. It is a must-have guide for every train fanatic, armchair or ticketed, as well as lovers of graphic design, history and the romance of train travel.

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Great Train Journeys World

Fotoboek - reisgids Great Train Journeys of the World - treinreizen | Time Out
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Japan By Rail

Reisgids Japan by Rail | Trailblazer
Treinreis handboek van Japan, met beschrijvingen en praktische informatie over alle belangrijke spoorwegen en de steden onderweg, dwars door Japan (treinreizen)
Japan is steeped in legend and myth, perhaps the greatest of which is the popular misconception that the country is simply too expensive to visit. The truth is that flights to Japan are cheaper than they've ever been, accommodation can be great value, while the warm hospitality which awaits every visitor costs nothing at all. The real secret to travelling around the country on a budget, however, is the Japan Rail Pass. With this pass you can travel on some of the fastest trains in the world as often as you like for as long as you please - and all for one bargain price. Use this comprehensive guide in conjunction with a rail pass to get the most out of your trip to Japan.
- Practical information Planning your trip; what to take; getting to Japan from Europe, North America and Australasia
- City guides and maps Where to stay (all budgets), where to eat, what to see in 29 towns and cities; historical and cultural background
- Kilometre-by-kilometre route guides Covering train journeys from the coast into the mountains, from temple retreat to sprawling metropolis and from sulphurous volcano to windswept desert; 34 route maps
- Railway timetables Bullet trains and all routes in this guidebook
- Plus Customs, etiquette, Japanese phrases and 28 colour photos
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Reise Know How: Transsib (DE)

TransSib Reisehandbuch. Reise Know-How

Der Klassiker! Das Original! Jetzt erscheint bei Reise Know-How endlich wieder der seit einiger Zeit vergriffene Transsib-Reiseführer von Doris Knop.

Komplett aktualisiert, erweitert und in neuer Ausstattung. Alle praktischen Tipps für Einzel- und Gruppenreisende.

Zugfahrpläne und Stadtpläne.

Verzeichnis aller wichtigen Bahnhöf entlang der Strecke Moskau – Wladiwostok. - Musterformulare als Ausfüllhilfe.

30 Seiten Moskau - 26 Seiten Peking, Extra-Kapitel St. Petersburg

Die Transsibroute durch Russland, die Mongolei und China mit diesem kompletten Reisehandbuch entdecken:

# Hilfe zu Visabeschaffung, Zoll und Buchung
# Ausführliche Infos über die Anreise per Flug oder Bahn
# Reisepraxis im Zug
# Detaillierte Bahnverbindungen für die wichtigsten Teilstrecken
# Alle praktischen Reisefragen von A bis Z
# Sorgfältige Beschreibung aller sehenswerten Orte mit Ausflügen in die Umgebung
# Besichtigungstipps zu architektonischen Sehenswürdigkeiten und Museen
# Unterkunftsempfehlungen für jeden Geldbeutel: Hotels, Gastfamilien und Jugendherbergen
# Kulinarische Tipps von Kennern: die ganze Vielfalt der russischen und chinesischen Küche
# Wissenswertes zu Natur, Geschichte und Kultur

über 100 Fotos, 34 Ortspläne und Karten, farbige Umschlagkarten, Fadenheftung, Register, Griffmarken,
384 Seiten

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Silk Road By Rail

Reisgids Silk Roads - A Route and Planning Guide (Zijderoute) | Trailblazer

Fully updated and expanded third edition of this best-selling guide. Paul Wilson has travelled the Silk Road four times and made this the authoritative guidebook to the route.

The Silk Road was never a single thread across Asia but an intricate web of shorter routes - Silk Roads - which together linked the Pacific Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. This guidebook covers these routes in their entirety and with it you can retrace the Golden Road to Samarkand, follow in the footsteps of Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan and Marco Polo, and travel the length of the Great Wall of China. With detailed information on over 10,000km (6000 miles) of overland routes both by road and rail, this guide includes:

  • 51 city guides with maps – Where to stay, where to eat and what to see in 51 stopovers along the way
  • Practical information – For travellers in Syria, Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan and China
  • Planning your trip – Information for all budgets whether you're an independent traveller or joining a group, and in the new edition multiple options for countries to pass through or avoid
  • Also includes lesser-known routes – Southern Taklamakan, Kashgar-Rawalpindi (Karakorum Highway) Marco Polo's route to Xanadu, the Black Sea route
  • Extensive history of the Silk Roads – much expanded in the third edition
  • Useful words and phrases – Arabic, Russian and Chinese
  • Includes 60 maps
  • Sporen van Moskou-Beijing
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    Sporen van Moskou naar Beijing (NL)

    Sporen van Moskou naar Beijing
    De Transsiberische Express

    Fons Hannes (°14-02-1963) uit het Kempense Meerhout is een doorwinterde globetrotter en reisde ondertussen door ruim 60 landen in diverse continenten.

    Hij is bij het reizigerspubliek bekend als standhouder en medewerker aan de jaarlijkse "reismarkt' in Brugge. Tijdens de laatste editie in 2002 zetelde hij als panellid bij een forum over de 'Transsiberische Express", In de naweeën van dit debat groeide het idee om zijn persoonlijke ervaringen aan boord van deze legendarische trein te bundelen en te publiceren,

    Dit boek, geschreven in dagboekvorm, is gebaseerd op waar gebeurde feiten. Het is het verhaal van een rugzakreiziger die, enkel met een vliegtuigticket naar Sint-Petersburg en een retour ticket vanuit Beijing, het transsiberische treinavontuur aanvat. Corrupte politieagenten en smokkelbendes kruisen zijn weg en de eerste kennismaking met de Chinese samenleving is op lijn zachtst uitgedrukt "shockerend".

    De auteur volgt de transsiberische spoorlijn tot in Irkoetsk, hartje Siberië. Daar wisselt hij de "Rossia", de Transsiberische Express, voor de al even legendarische Transmongolische Express die hem via Ulan Bataar, hoofdstad van Mongolië, naar Beijing brengt.

    "Sporen van Moskou naar Beijing" brengt de lezer het relaas van een globetrotter aan boord van een legendarische trein.

    Aantal blz.: 128
    Formaat: 14,5cm x 21 cm

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    Trans-Canada Rail Guide (Trailblazer -UK)

    Trailblazer Trans Canada Rail Guide

    The world's most scenic rail ride
    A journey on Canada's transcontinental railroad ranks as one of the greatest rail experiences in the world. Stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific, the lines span 6358km (3974 miles), taking in not only several of North America's finest cities but also some of the most dramatic scenery on earth, including the spectacular Rocky Mountains.

    Rail travel for all budgets
    Where to get the best deals whether you are looking for the cheapest rail tickets with shoestring accommodation along the way or the most luxurious guided tours

    City guides and maps
    The best sights, recommended hotels and restaurants in eight major stops along the lines: Halifax, Quebec City, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Churchill, Calgary, Jasper and Vancouver

    Mile-by-mile route guide
    What to see along the route; with 24 maps

    Railway history
    The rail link that created modern Canada

    240 pages
    38 maps
    34 colour photos
    14 B&W photos
    120mm x 180mm

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    Trans-Siberian HB

    Reisgids Trans-Siberian Handbook - trans Siberië | Trailblazer
    Siberia: now wide open to visitors – for the first time in Russia's history you can now travel almost anywhere you want in Siberia: we tell you how to arrange a trip, where to buy tickets and where to go.
    Kilometre-by-kilometre route guide – covering the entire routes of the Trans-Siberian, Trans-Manchurian and Trans-Mongolian railways with 38 strip maps in English, Russian and Chinese: see where you are as you travel.
    The Railway – construction, steam locomotives, early travellers, the Trans-Siberian today
    City guides with maps – the best sights, places to stay and restaurants for all budgets: Moscow, St Petersburg, Ulan Bator, Harbin, Beijing and 23 towns in Siberia; nutshell information on Minsk, Berlin, Baltic Republics, Helsinki, Hong Kong & Tokyo
    includes 65 maps
    Plus – Russian, Mongolian and Chinese phrases, rail fares and timetables
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    World's Most Spectacular Railways

    The World's Most Spectacular Railway Journeys
    A portrait in words and photographs of over 50 of the worlds most exciting, unusual and exotic railway journeys, including North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australasia. Each journey is accompanied by a route map and is described in terms of the technical challenges of the construction of the track as well as the stunning views to be seen while travelling on the trains. Some of the railway journeys featured include the Harz narrow-gauge railway in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany; the Indian Pacific which runs across Australia from Perth to Sydney; Indias Darjeeling Himalayan Railways; and the spectacular railways in the Canadian Rockies.