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Cycling The Great Divide

Cycling The Great Divide
The Longest Mountain Bike Route in America
From Canada to Mexico

Follows the Continental Divide from Canada to Mexico-2,470 miles through some of the country's most stunning scenery
Expert author helped conceive, research, and map the original route
Features 62 riding days for through-riders and segment riders alike

What could be more adventurous than bicycling the Continental Divide from Canada to Mexico, following the little-used roads where you encounter more deer and elk than people? Here's the very first guide to the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route ñ by an expert who helped to create it. Michael McCoy breaks the ride into 62 days, in four suggested trips of two to three weeks.

For through-riders and segment riders alike
Route descriptions include day's mileage, terrain, scenic and historic highlights, camping or in-town accommodations, access to food and water
Illustrated with 65 photos and more than 30 maps
Information on side trips and off-route rides


Size: 13,5cm x 21cm

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Bicycling the Pacific Coast

Bicycling the Pacific Coast
A complete route guide - From Canada to Mexico

* The only complete road touring guide to the Pacific Coast
* 35 day trips averaging 53 miles per day, with options to shorten or lengthen
* Detailed mileage logs list road directions, side trips, and points of interest
* Maps and elevation profiles for each trip
* Ideal for cyclists on a budget

It's 1,816.5 miles as the bike pedals down the Pacific Coast from Vancouver, BC, to the Mexican border. But you won't take a wrong turn with veteran authors Tom Kirkendall and Vicky Spring to guide you. They've included information on road conditions, availability of provisions, accessible campgrounds, and points of interest. Also covered are tunnel-riding strategies, where to get that flat fixed, and the best side trips, whether one-of-a-kind local museums or sweeping vistas of mountain and ocean from a lonely lighthouse.


Size: 13,5cm x 21cm

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Cycling the Atlantic Coast

Complete touring guide to the East Coast. Covers road conditions, where to buy provisions, camping, points of interest, and more.