Central America

Central America Phrasebooks (3)

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica Spanish Phrasebook

Grab this phrasebook and trade tiquismos with the Ticos, chase the best beach break, track down a toucan and go home knowing you’ve had an all-round pura vida time.

Chat with the locals and discover their culture − a guaranteed way to enrich your travel experience.

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Latin America

Latin America Spanish Phrasebook

Latin American Spanish is spoken in an area that spans over 5000 miles - that's a lot of small talk to make along the way! But with this handy guide you can chat in Chile, gossip in Guatemala and have a good old Nicaraguan natter.

  • 3500-word two-way dictionary
  • handy phrasebuilder and guide to pronunciation
  • practicalities - how to find a doctor or order a decaf
  • section on sustainable travel
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Mexican Spanish Phrasebook

No need to pack your lisp! Mexican Spanish doesn't use the distinctive lisp used in Castilian Spanish - in fact it's all-round a fairly breezy language to master, which is handy, considering the easy access to tequila… best you keep this guide close by.

  • two-way dictionary
  • phrasebuilder and guide to pronunciation
  • practicalities - banking, booking and border crossing
  • detailed food glossary