Australian Wildlife

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Natuurgids Australian wildlife - Australië | Bradt

Voor vele landen net zo goed, zo niet beter dan de Planet. In dit geval de natuur uitvoering voor Australië; compact, compleet en rijk geïllustreerd.

Bradt: Australia's ancient continent tops the list for wildlife-seeking travellers with its unique creatures roaming diverse habitats, from eucalyptus-dotted woodlands to the awe-inspiring beauty of the coral reefs. All the essential information of a reference book – from biology to behaviour – is found in one handy, readable guide. Wildlife writer Stella Martin guides visitors though dense rainforest and across parched deserts to discover how bizarre creatures evolved in isolation. Martin combines the encyclopaedic knowledge of David Attenborough with the enthusiasm of the late Steve Irwin. Find out why some fish change sex and how thorny devils drink. Bradt's indispensable Australian Wildlife is a book to read in bed, which will get you up at dawn and out with your binoculars in the outback.

• First guide of its kind; comprehensive yet compact

• Details of the infamously dangerous creatures, first aid tips and how to survive in the outback

• Where to find wildlife, from national parks to off the beaten track

• For all types of traveller – from the backpacker to the conventional tourist to the ‘grey nomads’